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Bidding Support Sessions

Are you planning to bid for funding or for a contract or service? Would an external perspective and another pair of eyes be helpful?

The LMC can support practices with the sometimes lengthy and challenging process of obtaining funding or securing contracts. Whist we do not profess to be expert bid-writers, we can be:

  • A critical friend – someone to test your ideas on who will give you honest feedback
  • Impartial – the LMC has no conflicts of interest as a provider or funder
  • A useful source of information and expertise on both clinical and management/leadership aspects of your bids

We have therefore developed the following offer for practices. You can take advantage of any or all of the different elements:

Option 1: Think Tank

An hour-long session with the LMC focused on developing your initial ideas. This session can be used early in your thinking process before you start writing your bid. It’s about open discussion, generating ideas, obtaining a different perspective and starting to pull out key themes to be developed. It’s also an opportunity to spot weaknesses and areas for further development.

Option 2: Sounding Board

Once you have something down in writing – your draft bid – we can be your sounding board. Send it to us and we’ll review it, sending you back any ideas, comments and questions. We’ll look at it from the funder or commissioner perspective and try to be as ruthless as they will be.

Option 3: Pitch It

Some funders and commissioners require a presentation. Even when this is not the case, being able to ‘pitch’ your bid (Dragon’s Den style) requires you to know your material inside out and more importantly, be able to communicate the key elements to others.

The LMC’s hour-long ‘Pitch It’ session invites you to present your (almost) finished bid to us. As well as valuable rehearsal time, we will seek to give you constructive feedback to help you make those all-important final enhancements to your bid.

Contact us to take advantage of any of our bidding support sessions.

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