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COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

This page is where you will find the latest information for general practice about the COVID-19 vaccination programme. We are updating this page regularly as new information is released.

Below you will find information from:

  • NHSEI - Covid-19 Vaccination Programme
  • NHSEI Primary Care Bulletins
  • BMA
  • Public Health England
  • Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

NHSEI: COVID-19 Vaccination Programme 

Visit the NHSEI Primary Care guidance pages for key documents including:

COVID-19 deployment queries – contact information:
Supplies: For queries about vaccine supply, ordering and delivery support, and supply of consumables and PPE, contact Unipart at CS@nhsvaccinesupport.com / 0800 678 1650, open 7am to 7pm, Monday-Sunday.
IT and hardware: For queries about IT issues, including IT hardware, 4G connectivity (for equipment provided by NHSE), Pinnacle, Foundry, Data and other IT services issues, contact the Covid Vaccination Help Desk on vaccineservicedesk@england.nhs.uk / 0300 200 1000, open 6am to 10pm every day, including Bank Holidays.
For all other queries, contact your Regional Vaccination Operation Centre (RVOC) in the first instance: North East & Yorkshire england.ney-vacc-cell@nhs.net  

NHSE/I Primary Care Bulletins

All NHSEI bulletins, plus sign up link, can be found on the NHSE website here.

Recent editions and summary of contents:

  • 23/02/2021: Additional cohort of patients identified as at high risk from COVID-19; Next steps on the vaccination programme; Vaccinating people with a learning disabilityPeople with Severe Mental Illness (SMI) vaccine prioritisation; Updates to the COVID-19 vaccination Enhanced Service; Guidance for investigating and managing individuals with a possible or confirmed COVID-19 Variant; Post-vaccine waiting room animation; Utilisation of nationally recruited clinical and volunteer roles; COVID-19 vaccination of patients prior to immunosuppression; COVID-19 vaccination of patients who are HIV positive; Guidance on vaccinating those aged under 18; Applying for the 2019/20 Pension Annual Allowance Charge Compensation Policy; Supporting care homes with pulse oximetry; Celebrate International Women’s Day; Medicines and appliances home delivery service commissioned until 31 March 2021; Healthcare for migrant patientsImproved advice function on NHS e-Referral service; Free online training: Freedom to Speak Up and Just and Learning Culture
  • 18/02/2021: Network Contract DES: Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme claim form update; Reviewing our process for health technology evaluation: NICE consultation; How to use a pulse oximeter at home – patient video launched 
  • 16/02/2021: Additional cohort of patients identified at increased risk from COVID-19; Vaccinating non-NHS frontline healthcare workers; Nationally recruited clinical and volunteer roles;  Deploying GP returners to support local vaccinations; NHS Cervical Screening Programme - Sample Taker Training guidelines; Easter bank holiday opening - Good Friday (2 April) and Easter Monday (5 April); NHS Discharge Medicines Service launched; RESTORE2™ mini training; Inclusion Health Self- Assessment tool has launched; Consultation on changes to the data on written complaints; Integration and Innovation: working together to improve health and social care for allNext phase of Help Us, Help You launches, with a focus on lung cancer    

BMA: COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

This guidance from the BMA provides detail about what the CVP (COVID-19 vaccination programme) service involves, what is expected of practices, what you will get to support this work, and guidance on what to do now.

Recent updates include: Access to vaccines for all frontline health and social care workers; Further support the BMA secured to enable practices to prioritise vaccine delivery, including additional payments for care home vaccinations (8 January). 

The BMA have also published guidance on how practices can utilise extra workforce to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine programme (regularly updated). 

PHECOVID-19: vaccination programme guidance for healthcare practitioners

Guidance for healthcare practitioners about the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination programme. Regularly updated. 

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