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FREE CPD, Booking Platform and Admin Support for Locum GPs

Publication date: April 2022

Would you like to access a Locum GP Support Programme free of charge?  

If you are a Locum GP working within the Humber, Coast and Vale ICS, you are eligible to take part in this programme, supported by Humberside LMC.

What’s on offer?

FREE CPD - Regular meetings which will cover a mix of educational content, guideline reviews, and broader issues such as managing complaints, leadership and career development. The meetings also provide you with an opportunity for peer and pastoral support and enable you to benchmark your practice. A Clinical Lead will also be available to support you with any complaints, significant events and case reviews and support and guide you through any processes. We will work with you to review your PDPs and help you meet your targets. 

FREE BOOKING PLATFORM - Access to ImpaxHub, an easy-to-use online booking platform where you can upload all of your important documentation, add your availability and find your invoices and pension information. 

FREE ADMIN SUPPORT - Access to an administration team who will make bookings on your behalf; issue invoices to practices and provide you with day-to-day operational support. You will continue to be paid directly by practices and you remain self-employed. We will also upload all of your pension forms onto PCSE online if you are in the pension scheme. 

The programme will run during a six-month period as a pilot with evaluation taking place to help inform future projects of this nature.  We will therefore ask you to provide feedback about the programme.


The nature of locum work, which is an increasingly popular choice for newly qualified GPs, means that colleagues may have no support network and have only brief contact with a place of work. This makes it challenging to reflect on your own performance due to the lack of feedback from patients and colleagues. 

Part of improving wellbeing includes providing support to colleagues before they encounter difficulties. While this applies to all GPs, our strategy identified freelance locums as being a particularly isolated and vulnerable group. 

As part of Humberside LMC’s Wellbeing strategy, we are also undertaking work on the challenges faced by certain groups of GPs within the workforce. Our recent racism survey highlighted the additional challenges that doctors who experience racism face, and the GMC has published findings into its own referrals after a continuing difference between the referrals and outcomes for international medical graduates and those from a black and minority ethnic background.

Locum GPs in the Humber Coast and Vale ICS have a much higher percentage of international medical graduates and those from black and ethnically diverse backgrounds compared to those GPs in substantive posts. Both groups are more likely to receive more patient complaints and be represented more in GMC investigations. 

The programme is funded as a Humber, Coast and Vale ICS Primary Care Health and Wellbeing Project.

How to apply

Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please complete the expression of interest form and e-mail it to Humberside LMCs by Friday 13th May 2022 in the first instance at humberside.lmcgroup@nhs.net

For the purposes of administering and delivering the programme, Humberside LMCs are working in partnership with organisations including The Medical Chambers and ImpaxHub and will be required to share the information you provide.   

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