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Free Mentoring for Humberside LMCs' Constituents

GMPlus logo June 2021

General Practice Mentoring plus (GPMplus) 

GPMplus, a new mentoring service, is now available within the Humberside LMCs' area.  The service is free of charge to GPs, Practice Managers, Nurses and other senior practice staff with leadership/decision making responsibilities, working in General Practice.  Please read on for further information. 

What you can expect:

You can expect a professional GP colleague as a mentor who will be available to listen and understand your situation. They can act as a soundboard. They will explore your situation with you in a way that will help you progress. They may reflect your thoughts back to you, to help you ‘throw light’ on things and suggest how you may move forwards. They may also signpost you to other resources that can give you direct advice and experience of additional career avenues.

Who can access this service?

• GPs including trainee, locum and returning GPs
• Practice Nurses
• Practice/Business Managers and other non-clinical staff with leadership/decision making responsibilities
working within the catchment area of Humberside Group of LMCs

GPMplus can be used by anyone from the above list, who would like to explore ways to develop themselves or have a career problem or opportunity they’re not sure how to move forward with. Whilst the mentoring service is aimed at supporting you professionally, we are aware that personal and professional issues intertwine, and you will have the opportunity to discuss anything you wish. We aim to build resilience in the General Practice workforce by allowing you time and space to develop your personal goals.

In some cases you may be advised that mentoring is not suitable for you at the current time. For example if you are currently accessing the NHS Practitioner Health service it may be more beneficial for you to consider mentoring once your health concern has been addressed or is stable.

How do I access this service?

You can contact us by completing the contact us form. Following this, a member of the GPMplus team will ring you at a time convenient to you to discuss the service and match you to an appropriate mentor. Individuals can then access up to 8 hours of mentoring in sessions of support lasting 1-2 hours each over 12 months to create positive steps forward.

With the current Covid-19 situation the mentoring sessions will be provided by Zoom until further notice.

What can GPMPlus help you with?

GPM Plus can help you to:
• Move forward with personal and career goals
• Work through any problem or potential opportunity you feel you have
• Manage transitions positively
• Build confidence
• Improve your work life balance
• Build your resilience
• Achieve your aspirations

Find out more by visiting the GPMplus website. You can also download a leaflet about the service. 




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