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GPs Asked for Feeback on NHS111 Clinical Assessment Service

Publication date: September 2021

NHS England and NHS Improvement are asking GPs in the Humber area for their feedback on the NHS111 Clinical Assessment Service. GPs are asked to complete a short 2 question survey, which should take less than a minute.

The survey is to gauge GP awareness of the NHS111 CAS, prior to roll out of an enhanced, in-hours pilot of the service locally.

What is the CAS?

• For Yorkshire and Humber, the 111 service is provided by YAS and as part of this service a Clinical Assessment Service (CAS) using nurses and paramedics is provided for patients that need advice from a clinician

• This service supports decision making to ensure patients reach the right disposition/triage outcome for their need as described in the call to 111 or use of 111 online. 

• Patients go through to this clinical assessment service if the disposition is unclear or if NHS pathways tool recommends a clinical review. 

• Through the provider contract with 111 there is a requirement that 50% of all ED dispositions are reviewed clinically by the YAS 111 clinical team. This is in line with national expectation. 

• The YAS 111 service is redirecting about 50% of these away from ED currently.

• So, if 100 people receive an ED disposition, 50 would be reviewed and 25 would be redirected on average from the core CAS run by 111. 

• The wider offer (pilot) would increase this by 45 cases and redirects close to 70 cases having a significant system benefit, in addition increased clinical capacity that YAS would normally utilise for the 50 cases would be redirected to handle the growing clinical queues in core NHS 111.

The survey asks only 2 questions:

1. Are you aware of the CAS?

2. Do you have any comments on the CAS?

Please complete the survey below, by Friday 10 September.


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