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LMC Manifesto for General Practice

Publication date: December 2019

Stethoscope & clipboard

Humberside LMCs today publishes its manifesto for general practice.  

Workforce and wellbeing

• We need to retain the excellent workforce we have and recruit new GPs by widening the bursary funding to attract doctors to parts of our region where there have been consistent shortages of trainees.  The LMC welcome work force investment benefitting every practice to support the training of current reception and clerical staff to play a greater role in navigation of patients and handling clinical paperwork to free up GP time.  

• In our August survey GPs told us that high workload, fear of complaints and low staffing levels are leading to low morale & burnout across the profession.  The LMC would believe we need continuous funding for resilience support for GPs and the wider medical and support workforce in primary care.  

Primary/Secondary Interface

• The LMC believe that primary and secondary healthcare providers in our region could work better together.  We know there is a willingness from practitioners across our system to communicate, integrate and evolve to provide a better patient care experience.  The LMC want to work with commissioners and providers to improve this integration and invite all stakeholders to embrace this opportunity.


• The pensions taxation crisis means that doctors are being forced to turn down vital extra shifts caring for patients in our under-pressure GP surgeries because they would be literally paying to go to work. Doctors are trapped in a dilemma between wanting to care for patients and not wanting to end up financially worse off.  The LMC support the work of the BMA to lobby Government to deliver pension taxation reform and for pensions administration to change to offer a responsive, timely and accurate service to GPs. 


• An historical underinvestment in premises and increasing demand for accommodation for new PCN roles is placing an unsustainable demand on our primary care estate.  The charges levied on premises are frequently difficult to understand and non-negotiable.  The LMC would like long term realistic capital funding to meet the needs of patient care and a premises charging administration which is responsive, transparent and fair.

IT and Infrastructure

• The LMC is concerned about the impact of digital health providers on our local system.  Continuity of care lies at the centre of traditional general practice, with local surgeries providing person-centred care from the heart of communities. We would highlight the risk that digital only practices poses to this and want to see a well-integrated and mixed provision which serves the need of all of our patient population.  

• Effective primary care should be built on a stable and integrated IT platform.  The LMC supports a case for fast and reliable infrastructure integrated across the whole healthcare system with controlled access to patient records by all practitioners.

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