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LMC Newsletter November 2020

Date published: Thursday 26 November 2020

The latest edition of our regular monthly newsletter is now available, containing all the latest updates and opportunities for general practice in the Humber area. Included in this month's issue:

  • Our new monthly 'Hot Topics' item which brings you up to date with the issues the LMC team have been working on to support local practices
  • New Coroners Referral Form for East Riding of Yorkshire and Hull
  • Information on how the LMC is now offering the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian Service 

Download the LMC Newsletter November 2020

New Coroners Referral Form for East Riding and Hull

Date published: Tuesday 17 November 2020

The Coroner’s Office in the East Riding and Hull is currently progressing plans to move to a new version of the case management system used.  The transition is due to take place later this month and the Go Live date for the new system is currently set as 24th November.

The new version of the software includes a web based version of the reporting form used when referring a death to the coroner.  The new form will be accessed through the same link as the current form and so there will be no need for doctors to familiarise themselves with an alternative URL.  A link to the form will also be made available on the coroner’s web page.

The new form will look and feel different to the current form, although the information to be completed will not significantly change.  There will be the ability to provide a lot more information on the new form, so the form will look a lot more in depth , however not all questions will be mandatory to complete. Mandatory questions will be highlighted in red.  

Hospital doctors and registrars will use the same form.  Questions will differ depending on the referrer’s role and so one of the first new questions is to confirm your role i.e. GP or Hospital Doctor.  The use of drop down lists, including one for causes of death will hopefully make the form more user friendly and easier to complete.

At the end of the form the doctor will have a clear view of the information provided and the ability to edit any section to make changes.  When submitting the referral a confirmation will be displayed at the top of the screen to confirm it has been successfully submitted along with the option to print or save a copy of the form.  This will replace the confirmation by email.

The Coroner’s office have stated that they appreciate that now is not an ideal time to make changes, however given problems with IT servers that concern the current system they cannot delay the change any longer and hope that this change will not cause any inconvenience at this difficult time for everyone.

The Coroners Officers are contactable on 01482 613009 for support and to discuss referrals. More guidance including screen shots of the new form can be downloaded on this guidance note


COVID-19 Vaccination Programme Details Released - Updated

Date published: Wednesday 11 November 2020

Details have been released of the enhanced specification for the COVID-19 vaccination programme which has been agreed between the GPC and NHSEI. 

You can view the letter to GPS, practice teams and CCGs on preparing general practice to contribute to a potential COVID-19 vaccination programme, along with an Indicative Enhanced Service Specification, on the NHSEI Updates for General Practice page

We know practices are trying to make rapid decisions about the COVID-19 vaccination service specification – the LMC are already responding to queries about this, and actively engaging with our local CCGs and NHSEI teams to ensure practices have the support they need. This is a difficult and complex decision, on the background of nearly 9 months of constant work and pressure. With the timeline being extremely tight, practices will have a short amount of time to make some key decisions.  The most helpful summary we have seen so far is on this link to the BMA website, under the section “Practical considerations for practices and PCNs”.

COVID-19 vaccination programme page - BMA

Discussing these issues between your colleagues and PCN should cover the main areas that need to be addressed before deciding. As an enhanced specification, it will be optional for practices to sign up to the service and it is separate to both your core contract, and the PCN DES. Whatever you decide the LMC will support local practices.

Please contact us if we can help and do check our website daily where we will share the latest local and national information.

We have created a new COVID-19 Vaccination programme guidance page which will be updated regularly with the latest documents, guidance and resources. 



Freedom to Speak Up Guardian Service

Date published: Thursday 29 October 2020

Humberside LMCs now offer a Freedom to Speak Up Guardian Service to anyone working in primary care in our four CCG areas who wishes to raise a concern. Any members of staff from GP practices can speak up about concerns they have which they feel are not being listened to by their own management reporting. All constituents within the region covered by Humberside LMCs are included in the scope of our new policy to give everyone the confidence to speak up at the earliest possible opportunity, using Humberside LMCs’ Freedom to Speak up Guardians or your own organisational Freedom to Speak up Guardians.

For full details, including how to raise a concern, download our Freedom to Speak Up policy

LMC Newsletter October 2020

Date published: Thursday 29 October 2020

The latest edition of our regular monthly newsletter is now available, containing all the latest updates and opportunities for general practice in the Humber area. Included in this month's issue:

  • Your chance to get involved with the work of the LMC by joining our committee
  • Latest online events including Lighten the Load Coach Approach Skills and Practice Manager Buddying
  • News including GP contract updates and GPDF/PCN Organisational Development Funding

Download the October 2020 newsletter. 

Humber Primary Care COVID-19 Response Engagement Report

Date published: Monday 26 October 2020

This report presents the findings of a major engagement exercise conducted by CCGs in North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire, Hull, and East Riding of Yorkshire between July and August 2020 which asked patients about their experience of primary care during the pandemic. Over 7,000 people responded and there are some very positive findings for general practice in the report, with the majority of people rating their experience good or very good. Read the report here.  

LMC Annual Report Published

Date published: Wednesday 7 October 2020

The Humberside LMCs Annual Report 2019/20 has just been published and can be read online as a digital publication

The report covers a very busy period for the LMC, with major changes to primary care with the creation of Primary Care Networks, as well as internal changes at our organisation. The document covers how we helped our constituent practices adapt to the new landscape, with links to a number of useful resources. 

Read our annual report

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