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Our Message to Practices in the Humber Area

Date published: Tuesday 15 September 2020

Humberside LMCs would like to thank all practices for their continued hard work in meeting unprecedented demand in primary care, and in the face of demoralising media coverage in response to NHS England's letter reiterating the importance of providing face-to-face appointments for those who need them.

We know that face-to-face appointments have been available to patients throughout the pandemic where there is a clinical need. We wholly reject any implication that practices are not seeing patients and subsequent negative stories in the media. 

Should your practice be in need of additional support, please contact the LMC or visit the support page on our website for information, links and resources.   

New Wellbeing Project to Support General Practice

Date published: Tuesday 8 September 2020

Humberside LMCs, supported by YORLMC, are delighted to announce the launch of their new project to improve the wellbeing of GPs and other staff working in general practice in the Humber, Coast and Vale ICS area.

Funded by NHS England, the project will involve developing new services, tools and resources to support wellbeing and enable individuals to look after their own health and know when to seek help before difficulties arise, or be signposted to help if problems have already arisen.

At this time of great stress and pressures for general practice, the wellbeing of people working in local health services – GPs, practice managers and all other practice staff – is particularly important.

The project is being led by Dr Zoe Norris of Humberside LMCs, recently recruited as Wellbeing lead. Dr Norris will be supported by Dr John Bibby of YORLMC whose Wellbeing project is well established. YORLMC is sharing knowledge & contact information to enable development of the project across Humberside. Dr Norris and Dr Bibby are working with their respective LMC teams to develop services in line with local priorities and feedback gathered from those working in general practice.

Services provided through the project will include mentoring for people working in practices, and learning events to support practice staff.

You can find details of resources, services and information for GPs and others working in general practice on our support page at  www.humbersidelmc.org.uk/supportgpspracticemanagers

If you’d like more information on the new wellbeing project at Humberside LMCs, please contact humbersidelmcgroup@nhs.net. Information about YORLMC’s project can be requested via info@yorlmcltd.co.uk

LMC Newsletter August 2020

Date published: Monday 24 August 2020

The latest edition of our regular monthly newsletter is now available, containing all the latest updates and opportunities for general practice in the Humber area. Included in this month's issue:

  • Latest events and opportunities
  • Updates for practices, including flu vaccines in 2020/21
  • General news, including carer funding for GPs on the induction and refresher scheme

Download the LMC August 2020 newsletter. 

Advice for GP Surgeries Regarding Patients and Facemasks

Date published: Wednesday 5 August 2020

The Government website advises that all patients over the age of 11 years old wear face coverings in NHS settings, including community care settings, such as GP surgeries and hospitals. Face coverings can consist of a range of options, including cloth masks, scarves, face shields, or surgical masks and must cover the nose and mouth. 

GP surgeries must protect all patients who attend the practice. As an employer, the practice has a duty of care to staff. Humberside LMC encourages practices to require patients to wear face coverings whenever they enter the practice premises. If a patient refuses to do so, despite being offered one and having the reasons explained to them, the LMC will support practices who offer non-face to face care until the patient complies. 

There are very few valid medical reasons for not wearing a face covering; patients in whom there is a genuine exemption can be identified by the practice and managed accordingly. Please contact the LMC if you have any questions or concerns regarding this issue.

Update 18/08/2020

The BMA has issued the following statement regarding face coverings:

"The BMA believes that the government must do more to protect healthcare workers in community settings, including GP surgeries, and require those entering a healthcare facility to wear a face covering, as is the case for shops and other indoor settings. 

It is for practices to decide how to deliver services to their patients. It is also a practice’s responsibility for them to protect their staff and patients, many of whom may be vulnerable to the most severe effects of Covid-19, from unnecessary risk. Therefore, if a patient refuses to wear a face covering inside a practice, without good reason, the practice can choose to provide services to that patient by means other than face-to-face consultation within the practice.

Practices should inform patients, in advance of their attendance, that a face covering will be required to protect other patients, clinicians and other staff who they will inevitably come into proximity with inside the building. If a patient has a legitimate reason for not wearing a face covering the practice will need to consider this on an individual basis."


LMC Team to Continue Remote Working

Date published: Tuesday 4 August 2020

Business cards

Given the current COVID-19 situation Humberside LMCs will continue to work remotely. We will offer remote alternatives to all face to face
events, meetings and training where possible until January 2021. 

Please continue to contact us in the usual ways. Details of LMC committee meetings can be found here.   

LMC Newsletter July 2020

Date published: Tuesday 28 July 2020

The latest edition of our regular monthly newsletter is now available, containing all the latest updates and opportunities for general practice in the Humber area. Included in this month's issue:

  • Save the date for two upcoming LMC events
  • Advice on responding to requests regarding face mask exemptions
  • New to Partnership Payment Scheme details

Download the July 2020 newsletter

Supporting Practice Managers

Date published: Tuesday 30 June 2020

Owing to support and funding from NHS England, the LMC were able to recruit and train a cohort of freelance Practice Manager Appraisers, all of whom are currently working as Practice Managers across the Humber area. 

Many of our local Practice Managers report feeling over-burdened and isolated, receiving little formal or ongoing personal and professional development. The peer to peer appraisals on offer as part of this scheme are designed to address this developmental shortfall. These are not intended to be a performance review, but instead an opportunity for reflection on the manager’s work and approach, and to help identify areas for ongoing improvement and development. There is also the opportunity to repeat the review with the same Appraiser at agreed intervals, such as six-monthly or annually. 

Several of these peer to peer reviews have been completed over the past year, and the feedback from participants has been very positive:

“It was really nice to be appraised by someone who understood how you felt and was able to provide some good supportive advice that wasn’t just ‘text book’ but from actual real life experiences.  The whole process was really informal and [my appraiser] was great.  Overall I found it a really positive experience and yes I would definitely do this again”

“It was quite useful to actually sit down and complete the form to enable me to evaluate what my role is. I did find meeting with [my appraiser] and talking through what I had written very useful, and for me to be away from my Practice to do this was of great value.”

“It was really helpful, almost therapeutic!  I think the work will lie in being able to implement some of the suggestions. We agreed to keep in touch and meet again to review progress in 6 months.”

Our trained cohort of freelance Practice Manager Appraisers are keen to continue to connect with their local PM colleagues and facilitate these valuable sessions. If you are interested in being part of this scheme, then please contact the Humberside LMCs team by email on humberside.lmcgroup@nhs.net.  

If you decide to go ahead and arrange a session, you will be matched with a PM from outside of your CCG area, who contact you directly to make all of the arrangements.


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