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LMC Newsletter November 2021

Date published: Wednesday 1 December 2021

The latest edition of the LMC newsletter, containing all the latest news and updates for general practice in the Humber area, is now available. Included in this issue:

  • Update on our primary care campaign 
  • News updates including delays to the GP earnings declaration and TPP patient access to records
  • Blood bottle update

Download the November 2021 LMC newsletter

LMC Vacancy - Primary Care Support Manager (Temporary)

Date published: Wednesday 24 November 2021

Humberside LMCs are seeking to recruit a Primary Care Support Manager to join our team.

  • £38,000 to £42,000 a year
  • Fixed term (12 months)
  • Full-time

Working as part of the LMCs' Primary Care Support Team, and responsible to the Primary Care Support Lead, the purpose of this role is to plan and lead the delivery of the LMC Wellbeing Strategy. This delivery is against specific project plans for NHSEI funded wellbeing projects. This role will also involve managing finance and staff, and leading on external communications.

Our ideal candidate is an aspiring general practice manager with first-hand experience of general practice, the challenges and rewards this can bring. We would also consider applications from candidates who consider they have similar strengths and skills in an equivalent setting.

This is a grant funded, temporary post and to meet the needs of the LMC, this would ideally be up to 37.5 hours per week worked across five days, although we would consider applications from those who wish to work on a part time basis. We are happy to discuss a suitable working pattern with the successful candidate.

For full details of the role including the job description and person specification, please view the vacancy on NHS Jobs, where you can download a job information pack.   

To apply, please submit a CV and covering letter. Please ensure that your covering letter clearly states your suitability for the role in relation to the person specification and job description.

The closing date for applications is Monday 6 December 2021 at 16:00. Interviews will take place on 16 December 2021.


GP Earnings Declaration Delayed

Date published: Monday 22 November 2021

As of 18 November 2021, the Department of Health has delayed the implementation of the requirements for GPs to declare earnings over £150,000. This means that the department will delay both the submission and publication of earnings declarations until at least next Spring.

This will provide an opportunity for further discussion on this in the future and will be something the newly elected GPCE chair, Dr Farah Jameel, and team will no doubt take forward. We will publish further updates on this as things progress. 

You can view the BMA's briefing on the issue of declaring GP earnings over £150,000 here.  


Campaign Highlights the Full Capabilities of General Practice

Date published: Wednesday 17 November 2021

Social Graphics Care Navigator (i)

A campaign has been launched to help patients better understand the roles of health professionals working in General Practice who are available to support them with their health care needs. 

“We Are General Practice” is the latest in a series of campaigns by Humberside LMCs to inform people in the Humber area about how the ‘front door’ of the NHS operates and can be accessed.

This is the second phase in the “We Are Primary Care” initiative created with the support of the Clinical Commissioning Groups in Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, and Northern Lincolnshire the newly launched campaign features films and graphics featuring local General Practice workers including physiotherapists, clinical pharmacists and advanced nurse practitioners.

The core message of We Are General Practice is to demonstrate that in addition to General Practitioners (GPs) many practices are also staffed with a wider team of health professionals with specialist skills and knowledge.

Another aspect of the campaign is to raise awareness that many receptionists have been trained as care navigators whose role is to ask a series of questions enabling them to refer patients to the professional within general practice best placed to provide them with the help they need.

Social Graphics 09 Pharmacist (i)

Dr Zoe Norris, Humberside LMCs Medical Director and local GP said:

“This campaign aims to support an ongoing positive relationship between patients and general practice based on a shared understanding of how the front end of our NHS works today and going forward.”

“Us GPs understand that many people want and expect to see us. We’re still here and caring for patients, though the nature of health means that we may not always be the best person to help and the best thing for a patient could be to be offered specialist care by a professional trained for that very role.”

Launched in November the campaign will be rolled out online and through general practice to raise the profile of the benefits of support from roles including pharmacy technicians and practice nurses, as well as non-clinicals roles such as care coordinators and social prescribers.

It is hoped that by raising the profile of roles the campaign will also help strength Primary Care locally through the recruitment and training of people seeking a career in health care. 

Find out more about how professionals working in general practice can help.  

LMC Committee's Response to Winter Funding Plan

Date published: Wednesday 3 November 2021

The LMC Committee met on Tuesday 2 November when they discussed the Winter Access Fund plan and the BMA's subsequent proposals for actions to both convince NHSEI and Government of the need to withdraw the plan and work with the BMA on a genuine support package for practices.

Committee members were asked to vote on the proposed actions individually and the results were as follows:

1. Rejecting the NHS Winter Plan

2. Asking the LMC to disengage

3. Pausing ARRS recruitment

4. Disengaging from the PCN DES

5. Advocating refusal to engage pay transparency

6. Advocating refusal to engage with COVID 19 exemption requirements

7. Submitting undated resignations from PCN DES

8. I have confidence in GPC

The LMC is holding a virtual Q&A session by MS Teams on Thursday 4 November from 19.00 to 20.30 to focus on this issue. This will be an important opportunity to have your say and get answers to your questions. GPs and practice managers should have received an email with an invitation to the event - if you haven't received it please contact us.    



LMC Newsletter October 2021

Date published: Thursday 28 October 2021

The latest edition of the LMC newsletter, containing all the latest news and updates for general practice in the Humber area, is now available. Included in this issue:

  • new guidance on how practices can respond to abuse in social media posts
  • new LMC staff who'll be working on our expanded support offer for GPs and all staff in primary care 
  • updates on LMC reports on the Primary/Secondary Care interface, and our consultation with PCN clinical directors

Download the October 2021 LMC newsletter.  

LMC Update: BMA Industrial Action Over NHSE Plan for Improving Access for Patients

Date published: Thursday 28 October 2021

Following the overwhelmingly negative reaction to the government's recently published plan for general practice, the BMA's GP committee has resolved that GPs, practices and LMCs should take immediate action to both convince NHSEI and Government of the need to withdraw the plan and work with the BMA on a genuine support package for practices. These are the actions called for, and our advice on them in light of the feedback we have received so far. 

• BMA proposal: all practices in England to pause all ARRS recruitment and to disengage from the demands of the PCN DES

We have not seen strong support from practices to pause ARRS recruitment; some practices and PCNs are already disengaging from the PCN DES either on specific indicators or on all the requirements. Others worry this will impact on patients' views of general practice. The LMC will support all practices regardless of the position they choose to take and are happy to offer individual advice. To take this action after 31 October 2021 would be a breach of contract and would require the BMA to ballot its members on industrial action.

• BMA proposal: all practices in England to submit undated resignations from the PCN DES to be held by their LMCs, only to be issued on the condition that submissions by a critical mass of more than 50% of eligible practices is received 

Some PCNs have already indicated they will be passing their undated resignation to the LMC, and this is a powerful action that has minimal impact on patient care whilst delivering a clear message to the government and NHSEI. The LMC will support you and update you on the process for this shortly if you choose to take this action.

• BMA proposal: LMCs to disengage from any participation in implementing the government’s plan.

The LMC have been spending time talking to local GPs and Clinical Directors to gauge their views. We have refused to be involved in any work around measurement of performance by appointment data. We believe this is a flawed and divisive method of allocating support and have called for a more qualitative and considered method of allocation.

Our constituents are also telling us that they want to continue dialogue with Humber Coast and Vale ICS and CCGs to invest the promised £250m primary care funding wisely, with the practices which need most support and make this sustainable beyond the period of the government’s plan. The LMC will work to secure the best support possible for practices while opposing punitive measures and the use of inaccurate data.


Virtual Q&A Session - Thursday 4 November 2021

The LMC held a virtual Q&A session on Thursday 4 November 19.00 - 20.30. The LMC shared their Winter Access Fund Plan presentation and invited attendees to discuss and ask questions. Attendees were asked to vote on the proposed actions individually and the results were as follows:

1. survey results 4th November

2. survey results 4th November

3. survey results 4th November

4. survey results 4th November

5. survey results 4th November

6. survey results 4th November

7. survey results 4th November 8. survey results 4th November



Next Steps

• We will continue to work with commissioners to ensure funding is invested to support all our GPs and practices, irrespective of their individual decisions and we remain focussed on safe, quality patient care and safe protected practice teams.

• The LMC will collect and collate your practices undated resignations from the PCN DES, should you choose to take this action.

• We will continue to focus on capacity, workload, premises and workforce and will provide practical advice to support everyone over the coming weeks and months.

• We know how difficult it is in general practice at the moment. That’s why we are increasing our support offer for all of your team members. Please keep in touch and let us know how we can help you.

• We will keep you updated with new advice as this develops.

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