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NHS England Guidance - Changes to Medical Contract Holders

NHS England and NHS Improvement (NE and Yorkshire) have updated this guidance (September 2021) relating to changes of contract-holders to make it explicit that practices need to tell them in advance of a proposed “24-hour”/”technical” retirement.

This is necessary because the pensions agency, in advance of processing an application for payment of pension, asks NHSE to confirm that the (usually GP) partner did indeed retire from the practice’s contract for the requisite period. 

In the case of a contract held by a single GP, NHSE need to have plenty of advance notice because important steps have to be taken to ensure that there is a contract for them to return to.

Dealing with abuse of practice staff on social media from patients

BMA guidance on steps that GP practices can take against patients who leave abusive comments on social media or websites - including what to do first, reporting content to the provider and criminal and civil actions.

The NHS Standard Contract - Key Points for Primary Care 

LMC Advice Sheet on key aspects of the NHS Standard Contract, including referrals, transfer of care, and communication with GPs.

QOF Guidance 2020/21

The BMA has published updated guidance about QOF payments for 2020/21. Due to the pandemic, these payments will be calculated differently to normal. Some indicators are based on achievement, some are awarded in full and some will be income protected.

Income protection is based on achievement in previous years but uprated for the 2020/21 QOF point value, prevalence and list size adjustment. Therefore, it is not the case that practices will have a floor for payments equal to payments in previous years – it will be a different calculation. 

BMA QOF guidance

NHSE - Update on Quality Outcomes Framework changes for 2021/22 

Practice Manager Appraisals 

Owing to support and funding from NHS England, the LMC have been able to recruit and train a cohort of freelance Practice Manager Appraisers, all of whom are currently working as Practice Managers across the Humber area. Appraisals are an opportunity for reflection on the manager’s work and approach, and to help identify areas for ongoing improvement and development. There is also the opportunity to repeat the review with the same Appraiser at agreed intervals, such as six-monthly or annually. More details on the scheme can be found here. If you are interested in being part of this scheme, then please contact us by email at  humberside.lmcgroup@nhs.net

Guide to Solicitors with Experience in GP Partnership Agreements (August 2018) 

Having an up to date partnership agreement in place is vitally important in avoiding costly and prolonged disputes which can cause great instability and uncertainty in a practice. However it’s crucial that you get the right support and advice in developing an agreement which covers all likely issues and provides protection for all parties. This Humberside LMCs guide was created to help practices access legal advice in producing a new agreement, or reviewing or updating an existing agreement.

GP Premises

This is a link to the area of the BMA website which provides lots of information to help GPs and Practice Managers in the daily management of GP premises. 

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