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Our Board of Directors employs a team of staff who act as a Secretariat - servicing the Board and the LMC Committees and carrying out the day to day functions of the LMC. 

Simon Barrett

Simon Barrett, Chief Executive

Zoe Norris

Dr Zoe Norris, Medical Director and GP Wellbeing Lead

Rolan Schreiber

Dr Rolan Schreiber, Medical Secretary

Jonathan Appleton

Jonathan Appleton, Communications Manager

Madeleine Clifford-Roper

Madeleine Clifford-Roper, Business Support Officer

Sonia Barrett

Sonia Barrett, Team Administrator

Amy Stathers

Amy Stathers, Team Administrator

Alison Evans, Resilience Support Officer

Claire Fratson 1

Claire Fratson, Team Administrator

Jessica Jeans

Jessica Jeans, Team Administrator