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Sessional GPs

BMA Locum GP Handbook (2017)

This BMA guide gives advice and guidance on all aspects of GP locum work.

BMA Salaried GP Handbook (2017)

This BMA guide gives advice and guidance on all aspects of being a salaried GP. 

IR35 Guidance for Sessional GPs (2020)

This document from the BMA gives guidance to sessional GPs who may be affected by IR35. Includes an employment status checklist. 

 GP Locum Agreements (December 2018)

This locum agreements guidance is for locum GPs and the practices that engage them. Its aim is to help locum GPs to put together written agreements with the practices for which they work, and should also be of interest to practices that engage locums.

BMA Locum Practice Agreement (April 2019)

This resource consists of terms and conditions and a work schedule which together form a legal contract that can be used by locum GPs and GP practices for locum engagements. It is intended to minimise common disputes between locums and practices and clearly outline the type of work that will be undertaken by a locum when working at a practice. It is also intended to protect against locums being categorised as an employee or worker by HMRC for tax purposes or by an employment tribunal for the purposes of statutory employment protection, as well as ensure that there are appropriate arrangements in place for compliance with GDPR.

Model Contract for Salaried GPs (December 2018)

The GMS contract negotiations led to the NHS Confederation, Departments of Health and the GPC agreeing a model offer letter and set of minimum terms and conditions (which together are known as the model contract) to be used by a GMS practice or PCO when employing a salaried GP on or after 1 April 2004. The model contract represents good employment practice and was designed to ensure a common standard for all GPs employed by GMS practices and PCOs.

Contract Guidance for GPs in Non-Standard Roles (November 2018)

This BMA resource is designed to help ensure that all GPs receive appropriate employment terms and conditions regardless of their employer. It could apply in non-standard settings such as CCGs (clinical commissioning groups), universities, training bodies, Trusts, private providers of NHS care, NHS England, and private practices to provide solely private care. It is important for GPs engaging in these roles to be aware of their rights and check that the employment offer and their working arrangements are fit for purpose.


This set of BMA resources is designed to help GPs understand the annual appraisals process and how to get the most out of it. It includes a section on appraisal tips for sessional GPs. 

Sessional GPs and Primary Care Networks: Opportunities and Engagement (2019)

This guidance from the BMA aims to provide advice to GPs, practices, PCNs, LMCs and federations on engaging with sessional GPs and ensuring they are represented in the PCN sphere and in PCN discussions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Working as a Salaried GP (2016)

This is a blog article by Dr Mahibur Rahman for Medica (external website) which provides a useful overview on the pros and cons of working as a salaried GP.  

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