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This is where you can find information and resources showing the roles of health professionals working in general practice who are available to support patients with their health care needs. 

There are now many other trained and committed professionals besides GPs who work in general practice, all of whom are dedicated to helping make patients get the right care.


In these short videos, people working in our area explain the different roles in general practice and how they can help patients. Videos hosted on YouTube. 

Health and Lifestyle Practitioner 

More videos will be added soon. 

How Can We Help You? 

Social Graphics 16 Care Coordinator Social Graphics Care Navigator (i)
Social Graphics Dispensary Manager Social Graphics 12 General Practitioner
Social Graphics 10 Health & Lifestyle Practitioner Social Graphics 20 Healthcare Assistant
Social Graphics Advanced Care Practitioner Social Graphics 04Nurse Practitioner (i)
Social Graphics 09 Pharmacist (i) Social Graphics 15 Pharmacy Technician (ii)
Social Graphics Physician Associate Social Graphics Physiotherapist
Social Graphics Practice Nurse Social Graphics Social Prescriber